A.C.E. Acquisition of Carbon Emissions is an integrated Carbon Conscious ™ Business driven to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) through the utilization of biogenic processes, namely hemp.

Using drones to promote advanced agricultural technology, we are able to seed, survey, and spray crops while consulting on sustainable practices that reduce embodied and operational carbon of end products found in our EcoMarketPlace through our Seed to Sale to Soil™ model.

For under $100 an acre you can sequester one metric ton of CO2. Making agriculture the lowest cost method of carbon sequestration. We encourage and provide the introduction of natural amendments to increase organic carbon in the soil therefore promoting photosynthesis, the only true carbon sink. Forest management and diversifying the crops allows us to create renewable solutions whose impact have an entire ecosystem of benefits.

"We have been told there is no one solution to the colossal issues of this time, and that would be correct if it wasn’t for the Farm Bill of 2018. The acknowledgement of federal legislation dates back to the birth of our nation, but only recently have we had a fair chance to research and develop the potentials of this brave new age of hemp."

Meet The Team

Allan Brewster
Saba Tesfay
Director of Operations
John Cato
Director of Sustainability